13 amazing little towns in the upstate that are well worth a stop


The 13 villages on this list are small, that’s undeniable. In fact, each has a population of less than 1,000. Yet for veteran road warriors like me (and you?), Everyone has that little something that will call us from the road and invite us to stop and explore. Why is the National Abolition Museum located in a small village in upstate New York? What are the three bears and why can’t you see anything like it in the state? An entire village dedicated to selling books? A place of a few hundred inhabitants which is the center of studies of the spiritual life of the state? All fascinating, all worth a stop, and all …very small!

These tiny towns in the upstate each have an incredible historical note

Each of the 13 villages on this list has less than 1,000 inhabitants. Still, they all have something worth stopping for a visit too. Something historic, fun or just plain fascinating, each is worth a detour. Visit the three bears at Ovid (pop. 602). You won’t see this anywhere else in the United States. Stop by and say hello to the stars of “The Beekman Boys” TV in Sharon Springs (pop. 558). And why the National Abolition Museum and Hall of Fame in Peterboro (pop. 176)? Each of these little map dots has a great story to tell.

REST IN PEACE: The Last Resting Places of 32 Famous Americans in Upstate New York

Many notable people made their home in upstate New York … so much so that they were buried here.

Looked… if you dare.

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