Downtown security concerns escalate as shootings and gunfire hit the area

Residents of downtown St. Louis are tired of the problems plaguing their streets at night.

ST. LOUIS — St. Louis police are investigating several incidents that occurred over the weekend.

Brandon Overton said that as a resident of downtown St. Louis, he was tired of gun violence.

“I mean, it’s starting to get a little out of control, shooting-wise. I mean, I’ve been here for about a year, a year and a half, and it’s getting worse and worse when it comes to shootings…and not only that,” Overton said.

“It’s like cars aren’t even safe on the streets, they’re getting broken into,” Overton said.

One of the last shootings happened outside Baseball Stadium Village early Sunday morning.

St. Louis Police said a man was arguing with his girlfriend and another man tried to intervene.

Then the men ended up shooting each other, one hit the man trying to break up the argument and the woman was grazed in the leg.

“Several vehicles were hit by the gunfire from the suspect’s firearm which was recovered as he drove away. The male suspect has not been identified,” said Dan Isom, director of the public security.

A Ballpark Village spokesperson said in a statement:

“At Ballpark Village, the safety and security of our guests, employees and residents is our top priority. Although this incident did not occur on our property, our security officers were able to quickly observe it and report it to the St. Louis Police We appreciate the quick actions they took and appreciate the police department’s quick response to this isolated incident.

St. Louis police are also dealing with another problem, unauthorized parties at vacation rentals and now even at a hotel.

Saturday evening the Embassy Suites called the police to clear a party.

“The downtown bike unit responded and helped clear the halls of the hotel…people leaving were armed with weapons,” Isom said. “The Problem Properties Unit will begin working with hotel management and ownership to hold individuals accountable for their actions with this disruption and also the large unauthorized gatherings that were in place.”

St. Louis police are hoping this doesn’t become a trend.

Locals said people doing this had no respect for their environment.

“It really bothers me a little bit sometimes, because these people, they have no respect for the building, because they don’t really live here,” Overton said. “They’re just here for a little while, just to have fun.”

Both incidents are still under investigation.

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