Online Brands Generate Rs 850 cr GMV, 141% YoY Growth in 2021: Admitad

With COVID-19 restrictions remaining in place for most of the year, reliance on online consumption has increased. With consumers buying everything from clothing to essentials online, purchasing power increased 48 percent in all sectors compared to 2020, as noted by Admitad India. Over 500 brands the company offers marketing services for have grossed Rs 850 billion this year, up 141 percent from 2020.

The e-commerce industry outshone other segments with a GMV worth Rs. 756 billion, driven by categories like fashion. The beauty and skin care category grew 218 percent as D2C brands became hyped. Furniture and housewares increased by 183 percent, while electronics and sports & fitness increased by 114 percent.

The software and fintech categories also grew as more and more people opted for services such as e-learning and food delivery. Demand for software, e-learning and food delivery generated GMV worth 50 billion rupees. E-learning and online education saw a 61 percent increase for a gross domestic product of Rs 2 crore.

The financial services sector also boomed, driven by the insurance and investment category, which grew by 36 percent and 75 percent respectively. “Buy now, pay later” appeared as a new category and opened up a new audience, the report said. The financial services segment recorded growth of 2.5x transactions.

Categories such as OTT (13 percent), toys and baby items (227 percent) and gift items (28 percent) showed positive signals and are expected to continue to grow in the coming years. Travel also recovered, with higher demand for flights (93 percent) and hotels (3 percent).

Subcategories like food and drink, jewelry, online music and movies, payday loans, and games are shining and are expected to shine for years to come.

Neha Kulwal, Country Manager, Admitad India, said: “The year has been phenomenal for the online industry and us. We have taken many new brands on board, some on an exclusive basis. Especially during the holiday season, we’ve seen immense growth in affiliate channels and brands choosing affiliate networks over other marketing channels for better results. Admitad India has achieved a GMV of Rs 850 crore for this year and we expect a milestone of Rs 1,100 crore next year. We are also aiming to grow the customer base and look forward to helping our publishers with various new monetization services. “

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