Poop falls from the plane and covers the man in his garden


If you think you are having a rough day, think of a man going about his own business in his backyard who will be covered in dung falling from the sky.

The man, a resident of Windsor, England, experienced the unfortunate incident in July, the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead aviation forum learned earlier this month.

Clewer East Ward Councilor Karen Davies told the forum that the wastewater from the planes was normally frozen, but that was not the case in this case.

“Her whole garden was splashed in a very nasty way,” she said.

“He was in the garden at the time. So (he) had a really horrible experience with the whole garden and the garden umbrellas and him all covered in that, which is absolutely appalling.

Aircraft toilet systems are generally secure, but something went wrong in an English garden. Source: Getty Images, file

Cr Davies, who was “horrified” by the incident, added that the man followed up with the local council’s environmental health department.

He has also spoken to Heathrow Airport, the Civil Aviation Authority and the airline about it.

The counselor hopes this will never happen again.

Can planes drop off their toilet waste?

Whitfield Parish Councilor Geoff Paxton, who has worked with airlines for 40 years, told the forum the incident was “so rare.”

“Modern planes have vacuum toilets and they have a very secure system,” he said.

“I would think it was either a plane crash or someone hadn’t finished servicing it properly.”

The airline initially denied flying to Heathrow, but later admitted it was a scheduled cargo flight and flew over the man’s home, Cr Davies said.

Cr Davies said an app determined which aircraft it was.

She hopes it is “a totally abnormal one-off accident”.

There have been other incidents of poop falling from planes in England. Fortunately, the poo was frozen in most reports, unlike the Windsor man’s experience.

Lisa Boyd, of Portsmouth, told the Portsmouth News in June that she found a piece of ice outside her house after hearing “a loud purring noise and a huge thud”.

She added that she thought someone crashed her scooter and when the ice melted there was feces.

Her neighbor, Louise Browne, told the newspaper she also found frozen poo outside her house and it was around half a yard tall.

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