Rhinebeck Village aims to balance growth with community character – Daily Freeman

RHINEBECK, NY – With the number of building permits issued by the village doubling last year, Mayor Gary Bassett wants to ensure future growth does not compromise the character of the community.

Bassett said in a recent telephone interview that the recent increase in construction projects suggests to him that the COVID-19 pandemic is not slowing progress.

Thus, the village’s top priority in 2022, he said, should be to “redo our overall 1993 plan”.

“It’s important,” he said, “because the compensation plan takes into account factors such as affordable housing, workforce housing, tiered housing and laws. These are all things that have not been looked at in detail and need to be refreshed.

The mayor said the village must plan for its future while respecting its past.

“We have at the state and federal levels [historic] preservation, but we don’t have the historic district overlay in the village, ”he said. “It’s part of our culture. We have to protect what we have here.

Bassettt also wants the village to focus on environmentally friendly practices. To this end, he plans to institute a pilot program in which 100 households and five businesses start composting.

“The environmental impacts of climate change are real, and we have seen the impact with [flooding in] the Landsman Kill, ”he said, referring to a waterway. which crosses the village.

Bassett also hopes the state will approve the village’s request for a Water Infrastructure Improvement Act grant next year, which would pay for a $ 6.5 million overhaul of the local water treatment plant and put the installation to current standards.

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