The village of Massena will see its health contributions increase by 8.87% | Health issues

MASSENA – The village of Massena will experience an 8.87% increase in health care contributions for the 2021-2022 fiscal year.

Treasurer Kevin Felt told administrators on Tuesday that monthly rates would increase for employees, employees and their spouses, employees and their children and family levels.

For employees, the rate will drop from $ 930.58 in 2021 to $ 1,013.15 in 2022. For employees and their spouse, the rate will drop from $ 1,861.15 in 2021 to $ 2,026.29 in 2022 The rates for the employee and children will drop from $ 1,581.98 in 2021 to $ 1,722.35 in 2022. And the family rate will drop from $ 2,652.15 in 2021 to $ 2,887.46 in 2022.

Mr Felt said the change would increase costs for fiscal year 2021-22, from January to May, and fiscal year 2022-23, from June to December.

“Our health insurance provider, Excellus (Blue Cross Blue Shield) is updating premiums for the next calendar year,” he said. “It is not done by fiscal year, it is by calendar. So that kind of mess with the budget a bit.

He said there was an increase of just over 2% last year.

“So it’s a bit higher this year for the increase,” Mr. Felt said. “So that’s going to affect the 21-22 budget we’re currently in from January to May, then next year’s budget for 22-23.”

He also told administrators that United Healthcare’s prescription and medicare supplement plan would experience a 2% drop from $ 416.50 in 2021 to $ 408.17 in 2022.

“The prescription and health insurance supplement plan that we have for employees, retirees and their spouses aged 65 and over, they are also on an account basis and they go down 2% for the ‘next year,’ he said.

Deputy Mayor Matthew J. LeBire wondered what the village had budgeted for health care compared to the actual increase.

“I think we’ve been pretty careful on the plan so it shouldn’t be that big of a bump in the road for us,” said LeBire.

Mr Felt agreed, noting that the village budgets a 10% increase each year for health care costs.

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