Vaccines to remain optional for UW workers as courts review warrants | Wyoming News

Three federal vaccine mandates could potentially impact the University of Wyoming. But until the courts decide their legality, Wyoming’s only four-year public university will continue its policy of encouraging vaccinations without making them mandatory, the school said.

Wyoming and other states are challenging three vaccination warrants established by the Biden administration: on companies with more than 100 workers, on employees of federal contractors, and on facilities that accept Medicare and Medicaid patients.

The university will not require vaccines from its employees if the courts block those warrants, the school said.

“We are closely monitoring these cases – while providing the information requested by the Wyoming attorney general – to determine if and when we will need to implement the vaccine requirements for university employees,” the president said. UW’s Ed Seidel in a statement. ready to do it, but we don’t know at this point when it might be needed.

The university is imposing COVID vaccines for a group of employees: workers at its early care and education center. Overall, employer tenure is relatively rare in Wyoming, with a few notable exceptions, including four hospitals owned by Banner Health, including Casper’s Wyoming Medical Center.

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About a month ago, lawmakers met with the intention of fighting against vaccination mandates. But only one of the 20 bills survived the special session, and it does not block mandates.

Wyoming remains one of the most vaccine-reluctant states in the country, with just 45% of the state fully vaccinated, according to the Mayo Clinic. It is the second lowest rate in the country, ahead of only West Virginia. About 53% of residents received at least one dose.

By comparison, two-thirds of UW employees have received at least one dose of the vaccine, according to the school.

Although the school does not mandate vaccines for most of its employees, its administrators have approved an indoor mask requirement. Last week, administrators voted to extend the term at least until mid-December.

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