Village passes whistleblower protection ordinance


MOKENA, IL – The Mokena Village Board of Directors unanimously passed an ordinance at their Monday meeting to protect village employees who file complaints against other employees or members of boards or commissions.

The Whistleblower Protection Policy prohibits any village official from retaliating against any employee who reports inappropriate government action, cooperates with the investigation of a report of inappropriate government action, or testifies in proceedings or proceedings. pursuit of inappropriate government action in accordance with the ordinance.

The policy defines inappropriate government action as “any action by a village employee, an appointed member of a village council, commission or committee, or a village elected official that is undertaken. in violation of any federal, state or local law or rule; constitutes an abuse of power; violates the public’s confidence or expectations in its conduct; presents a substantial and specific danger to the health or safety of the public; or constitutes a flagrant waste of public funds. the extent of official duties of the employee, elected official, member of the board of directors, commission or member of a committee may be the subject of a claim for “inappropriate government action” ” , according to the ordinance.

The policy states that village officials may not retaliate against employee complaints or cooperation through actions such as “unfavorable employment measures such as dismissal, reductions in pay or improper work assignments and threats of physical damage ”, according to the ordinance.

The policy states that employees who believe they are the subject of retaliation have 60 days from the action in question to submit a written report to the Deputy Village Administrator, who has the power under the policy to conduct an investigation. investigate the report and “may take corrective action on behalf of the complainant, including reinstatement, reimbursement of lost wages or expenses, promotion or any other form of restitution that the chief audit executive deems appropriate”, the prescription.

The identity of the whistleblower must remain confidential “to the extent permitted by law”, according to the ordinance.

Council appoints new police officers

The village council also unanimously approved the appointment of two people to posts within the Mokena Police Department.

Joe Stubbs has been appointed to the position of part-time Evidence and Records Clerk. Stubbs is a resident of Mokena and a retired Oak Lawn Village Police Commander with over 32 years of law enforcement experience, said Acting Mokena Police Chief Brian Benton. .

Charles Penders has been appointed to the post of part-time Community Services Officer. Penders, also a resident of Mokena, is a retired teacher with over 30 years of education experience, Benton said. Penders recently worked in the district customer service of the Mokena community public library, Benton said.

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