Voter’s Guide: South Vienna Village Council


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Brian G. Sagraves

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Charles K. Miller

Education: Air Force Community College

Current job: Semi-retired, working one or two days a week in a Clark County retail store.

Community participation: Friends of the Clark County Public Library, current president and interim treasurer; former Treasurer of the Staff Senate at Clark State College; former treasurer of American Postal Workers Union Local 3972; former board member of the Springfield Postal Workers Federal Credit Union; former member of the village council of southern Vienna

Why are you running for an elected position? I am an independent thinker and problem solver. With my varied experience, I can bring new and innovative ideas to the south of Vienna. I have over 30 years of experience working for government agencies so I would be a great candidate for village council. “Leaders don’t provide excuses, they provide solutions,” is one of my favorite quotes, and I try to live by that.

Why should voters elect you? I will work tirelessly to improve the quality of life for all the inhabitants of the village in the south of Vienna. This notably involves better communication between residents and elected officials. I will investigate the possibility of tax cuts, more police patrols and greater community involvement. The village will receive approximately $ 30,000 in additional tax revenue per year when the new school opens, and I will make it a priority to use this new money for projects and programs that will benefit residents. I will also show residents how every dollar of this money is used.

If you are elected, what will be your three priorities? 1. Transparency. I have spoken with residents who do not understand why the mayor and city council have increased our taxes and added fees to our utility bills. Residents deserve an explanation when their lives and wallets are affected, not just a new ordinance hanging from the post office. 2. Improve continuity and security with the police service, elected officials and residents. The village does not have tornado sirens and there are locals who think, like me, that we need them. There has been too much turnover and turmoil in the police department. I will try to make SVPD a great place to work. 3. I will use my vast financial experience to save village and taxpayer money.

What specific plans do you have to address these top priorities? I would like to register the village for the Open Checkbooks program. This valuable government-run program promotes financial transparency and allows residents to see where their tax dollars are going. And as a retired military man who has worked with the security forces, I think my experience will improve the police service. I would immediately develop and use the village website and social media platforms to upload minutes of council meetings and announce the dates and times of upcoming meetings. Communication with residents is essential. They may not be able to attend the monthly meetings, but I will try to give them many avenues to find out what their elected officials are doing.

Nothing else? My wife and I raised six wonderful children in this community. My great-grandfather, a blacksmith, had the house we live in built in the late 1800s, so my roots run very deep here. I want to help the south of Vienna retain its small town charm while developing and entering the 21st century.

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