WU Village Council Releases Official Minutes of November 23 Meeting

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West Union Village Council met in regular session at 7 p.m. on November 23, 2021, at the Town Hall, chaired by Mayor Jason Buda. Call to order, flag engagement and roll call: John R Lafferty – present, Mark Brewer – present, Jason Francis – present, Donna Young – present, Randy Brewer – present, Steve Rothwell – present; also present: Tanya Johnson – Town Clerk, Shelley Gifford – Treasurer, Jerry Kirker – Village Administrator, Tim Sanderson – Police Chief, Danni Studebaker – Asst. Chief West Union Lige Squad, JR Kirker – Fire Chief, Tom Mayes – Lawyer. Visitors: Ashley McCarty – Defender of the People, Kent Bryan – Consultants CT.

Motion by Mark Brewer to approve the minutes of the regular meeting of November 9, 2021 with the addition of May 10 and 24, 2022 to the dates of the meetings of the board, seconded by Donna Young, recorded vote: all yes, the motion is adopted.

Moved by Steve Rothwell to approve payment of invoices as submitted, seconded by Donna Young, recorded vote: yes, the motion is carried.

Resolution 2021-24 authorizing West Union Village Council to ask Adams County Auditor to assess cleaning and mowing bills on property taxes, motion by Randy Brewer, seconded by Mark Brewer, recorded vote: all yes, the resolution was adopted.

Resolution 2021-25 authorizing the West Union Water / Sewer Department to ask the Adams County Auditor to assess utility bills that cannot be collected on property taxes, motion Steve Rothwell, seconded by Randy Brewer , roll call vote: all yes, the resolution has been adopted.

Resolution 2021-11 modifying appropriations 2021 – 2906 EMS – Medicare / Medicaid / Billing; 5601 Sewer Debt Service Fund; 5721 Water Debt Service Fund, motion by Steve Rothwell, seconded by Mark Brewer, recorded vote: all yes, the resolution is carried.

Ordinance 2021-14 on water tariffs for West Union water / sewer service customers; first lecture.

Report from Jerry Kirker, village administrator:

Kirker spoke to Council about a bill for the Micro-Comm telemetry system, motion by Steve Rothwell to pay this billing out of the General Fund, seconded by Randy Brewer, recorded vote: yes, the motion was adopted.

Kent Bryan, CT Consultants, informed Council that the new wastewater treatment plant has been in operation since August. The Crackle project will have the pumping station installed by February and March. The Panhandle project probably won’t start until January. Bryan will get the 2022 budget carryovers for all projects with the clerk.

Danni Studebaker, WULS, informed the Board that the team completed 145 races in November and a total of 1,991 for the year 2021. She discussed patient transfers, the sale of one of the old ones. life teams and the URSA grant. The clerk asked where the council wants the new life team payment to come from in the 2022 budget. Council decided that the payment should be made from the General Fund.

Police chief Tim Sanderson told council Shane Young wants to work 12 to 20 hours a week as a part-time officer. Motion by Randy Brewer to hire Young with a signed contract, seconded by Jason Francis, recorded vote: yes, the motion is carried. Sanderson has informed council of a few problematic properties in the village the attorney will look into.

The mayor told council that the OCJS grants have been put in place and members can be added to the calendar.

JR Kirker, fire chief, said the fire department made 32 raids this month, for a total of 417 this year. The fire chief discussed the billing company, Cost Recovery, no action was taken. He also discussed a tax levy on the spring poll. Motion by Jason Francis to continue structural fire insurance policy levels, seconded by Donna Young, recorded vote: yes, the motion is carried.

Tom Mayes, a lawyer, told Council he had spoken to the UDF about the prohibited left turns and will deal with the issue in 30 days. He spoke about the OPERS tariffs and he will be reviewing the police department’s policies and procedures manual.

The mayor read a letter from the West Union Lions Club regarding the Christmas tree lighting parade on November 27, 2021. The parade will begin at 6 pm, the Lions Club has requested assistance with the parade, the SMU, the fire department and the police will be there to help.

The clerk informed council that she will not be here on December 1, 2021; she will be attending the end-of-year training.

Shelley Gifford, Treasurer, called for the Adams County Regional Water December water bill to be paid from the general fund. Moved by Randy Brewer on the request, seconded by Steve Rothwell, recorded division: yes, the motion is carried.

Council member Mark Brewer discussed a few points: Police have a report for this meeting; signs on North Street; rehab moving into the Village; Zoning; Christmas bonus; and the bill from Bill Lewis Computer.

Council member Steve Rothwell calls a finance committee meeting at 5:45 pm on December 14, 2021. Council member Jason Francis informs council that there is a zoning council meeting on December 14, 2021 at 6 pm, Francis asks for a report from the Police Department the second meeting of the month with the total races. He also discussed capital funding for the North Street Project and the SR 41 Shared Road Project.

At this point, Francis and Brewer briefed Council on the Police and Security meeting. Council member Donna Young asked Danni Studebaker, WULS and J, R, Kirker, Fire Chief, to have a monthly report. She also discussed the hours of operation of the enforcement agent, no action was taken.

Moved by Steve Rothwell for ORC 121.22 G1 staff (hiring and compensation) executive session, seconded by Donna Young, recorded vote: all yes. Motion by Steve Rothwell to return to the regular session, seconded by Jason Francis, recorded vote: all yes.

Motion by Steve Rothwell for Kylie Walters to join the West Union Volunteer Fire Department, with a six month probationary period, second by Donna Young, recorded vote: four yeas, Mark Brewer and Randy Brewer – no vote, motion carried.

Motion by Jason Francis for Randy Walters to join the West Union Volunteer Fire Department, on a six month probationary period, second by Steve Rothwell, recorded vote: five yes, Mark Brewer – no vote: motion carried.

Council member Steve Rothwell requested that the time for the December 14 Finance Committee meeting be changed to 5:30 pm with a discussion on water tariffs; reimbursement of fines; and Christmas bonus.

Moved by Randy Brewer to adjourn, second Francis, recorded vote: all yes, the meeting is adjourned.

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